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We are the intervention experts! Our mission is to move students from being dependent learners to becoming independent learners. When it happens, and it does at The Thinking Center, it is simply remarkable!
Welcome to The Thinking Center
When your sensory and cognition systems are unstable and disorganized, academic learning is difficult, frustrating, and stifling. As a locally family-owned educational assessment and intervention company since 1991, we specialize in closing the sensory and cognition gaps so that your child/teen can meet academic expectations. Clients who are on Tier III interventions in school, have failed a grade, have a low high school GPA with limited credits, need end-of-the-year testing for home school or a home school program, are challenged by sensory integration, read, write or does math poorly, and/or lack confidence in learning have the opportunity to get back on track with interventions that target specific needs. Together our team has over 76 years of expertise together at The Thinking Center, and we propel kids and their families to "YES". It is the most exciting accomplishment when a student CAN.

In addition, our educational consulting for school placements, IEP/504 support, crisis management, educational technology workshops, tutorial and training programs, as well as, parent workshops provide positive outcome-based support and successes.  Over 7000 clients have touched our lives since 1991. 

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