Welcome to The Thinking Center - a reading & cognitive clinic
Learning how to read & reading to learn at The Thinking Center are very special. Our goal is to provide short-term reading interventions and educational solutions for long-term outcomes for learners so gaps are narrowed or closed.

Our approach starts at the sensory-motor level, moves to the cognitive level which directly affects achievement outcomes. You have come to the right place if your child or teen has been struggling with learning how to read, write, spell, use the written language efficiently or has difficulty with executive function skills which interferes with his/her learning.

We have specialized in reading training since 1991 and cognitive training since 1999 serving well over 6000 students locally, nationally and internationally. Whether or not your child/teen has a diagnosed learning disability, our services treat the underlying causes that affect reading disorders, gifted, dyslexia, dysgraphia and/or dyscalcula, as well as sensory integration.

Amy F. Weinberger, Founder, Director and Neuro-Educator at The Thinking Center, also works directly with parents at school conferences, 504 planning meetings, and IEP meetings to provide the necessary support so that parents are heard and concrete actions are taken at the school level.

How is our Reading Clinic Different?
  • We train students 1-1, dyslexic and non-dyslexic, how to manage the English written code from the basic phoneme level to three and four sound words to multi-syllable ones. Students discover how the English written code works on a more automatic level.
  • Practice sequential, working and short-term memory patterning.
  • We naturally combine auditory processing, segmenting, blending and code knowledge so students can begin to manage words easier.
  • Train fluency which leads to the development of improved vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Most programming ranges from 12-36 hours and includes manageable materials.
  • All programming is accessible locally or via our  live reading tutor programming using SKYPE.
  • Family participation is for optimal success and communication.

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