The Thinking Center​​​​

Since 1991, we have continued to provide students and their families with preventions & interventions that make learning easier. We specialize in training students how to practice so they evolve from being dependent learners to independent learners to ultimately being interdependent learners. 
A Full Service Educational 
Prevention & Intervention Company 
Since 1991
Reading​ is absolutely brain science. The brain must do four things simultaneously to read well: blend, segment, sequence sound and know how the sound to symbol relationships. Then, it has to do all this fluently! No easy task! ​​
We are the Reading Scientists!
 We measure, predict, instruct, use systematic and scientific procedures, and drive specific outcomes with specific reading instruction. It's even fun!

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From Left to Right: Dr. Shawn Mandel (Psychologist), Sarah Abercrombie, MSEd. (Learning Specialist), Lula Mae Martin, MS.Ed. (Learning Specialist) Olivia Haynes (Learning Specialist), Sally Rownd (Learning Specialist), Caroline Shipp (Office Manager), Amy F. Weinberger, MSEd. (Founder/Director), Valerie Butler (Learning Specialist), Steve Weinberger (Business Manager), Jake Weinbeger, EMT/FireFighter I & II (Mentor). Not Pictured - Caleb Dean and Jordan Stonecypher
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When sensory, balance, fluency, accuracy and cognition systems are unstable and disorganized, academic learning is difficult, frustrating, and stifling. As a locally family-owned educational company, we specialize in training students how to practice so they evolve from being dependent learners to independent learners to ultimately being interdependent learners. We serve families whose children/teens do not qualify for services, are on Tier III interventions in school, have failed a grade, have a low high school GPA with limited credits, need end-of-the-year testing for home school or need a home school program. Some learners sturggle with sensory integration, that affects reading, writing, or math. When they lack confidence in learning, they deserve the opportunity to get back on track with interventions that target specific needs. Together our team has over 76 years of educational expertise together. It is the ultimate experience "to watch" a student become an INTERDEPENDENT learner.​​​

Meet John Redding...

Amy Falk Weinberger, M.S.Ed. is the founder and director of The Thinking Center. She and her longstanding team continue to specialize in educational prevention and intervention solutions to families. Together the staff has 100+ years of expertise in reteaching and retraining students how to learn more easily. In addition, they are grateful to have worked with 7500+ students locally in Sarasota, FL, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Amy is a graduate of Oxford College of Emory University (AA -1984), Emory University (BA -1986), Georgia State University (Teaching Certification - 1987), and Wilkes University (Masters - 2014). 

Amy's teaching career began in Dekalb County, Atlanta, Georgia. A year later, she moved to St. Thomas, USVI and taught at All Saints and then Antilles School. Hurricane Hugo was the tipping point to moving back to the states where she settled with her husband, Steve. The Thinking Center was born in 1991 to give families hope for their children/teens. Over the years, Amy has also developed schools, camps and social programs throughout Sarasota county.

Amy continues to be a grass-roots innovator and creates roadmaps to ensure kids/teens and their families have the support team to meet their needs. It is important that "kids know that they are heard. We have to ask the right questions to find meaningful solutions." She is a reading and fluency expert, advocate, expert educational witness for court cases, motivational speaker, and a strategic educational coach. Most importantly, she helps families navigate the educational system and problem solve solutions that fit their needs. Her motto, "It always works out."
Regarding the online school...we use many different platforms for delivery for different needs and as education has become more democratized so have choices.