The Thinking Center​​​​

Since 1991, we have continued to provide students and their families with preventions & interventions that make learning easier. We specialize in training students how to practice so they evolve from being dependent learners to independent learners to ultimately being interdependent learners. 
A Full Service Educational 
Prevention & Intervention Company 
Since 1991
We are The Thinking Center!

Learning at The Thinking Center is about the non-judgmental relationships between our learning specialists and your child/teen. We are multi-disciplinary team of experts who create opportunities to advance students' learning.

Sally Rownd
Queen of
Reading, Writing, & Literacy

   Olivia Haynes
​Queen of Reading, Writing, & Literacy

  Valerie Butler 
Queen of Math
​& Home School

Sarah Abercrombie 
Queen of Reading, Writing & Literacy

Caleb Dean
​King of Home School, OnLine Learning, Mentoring

Dr. Shawn Mandel
​Testing, Behavioral Training for Change

Amy F.
Weinberger, MSEd

  Business Manager

Caroline Shipp
​Office Manager