The Thinking Center​​​​

Since 1991, we have continued to provide students and their families with preventions & interventions that make learning easier. We specialize in training students how to practice so they evolve from being dependent learners to independent learners to ultimately being interdependent learners. 
A Full Service Educational 
Prevention & Intervention Company 
Since 1991


Success is completely different for each of our students. 
For some it involves mastering an algebra problem, passing a comprehension test, reading a multi-syllable word or spelling a word correctly, figuring out a word problem independently, raising a grade from a F to a C, making an academic or a sports team, aruging less with parents, reading a chapter book for the first time, passing a test, writing in an agenda book, waking up on time, writing a paragraph easier, or simply making and keeping a friend. Each student has a different timeline. Our job is respect that while progressively training the skills that will create the outcome based moment!

Our student's successes & styles

It takes a village! - Sophia

Meeting Kids Where They Are - Payton

Improving Academic Skills
after High School - Gray

1-1 Hands On Learning - Brady

When you can, start early! - Emerson

When students come back for a hello - Max

Practicing Concentration - Nick

Participating Together @ Events - Everett & Nick

Style Seems to Matter - 
Ms. Valerie and Chasen

Figuring It Out! -Cecelia

Practice Matters - Hannah

When students come back for a hello - Andres

The Art of Eating - John

Surprise Visits - Merik

College Acceptance - Reagan

Sequencing! -Sophia

Practice Matters - Hannah

Practicing restauranting
with Jordan!