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We are very proud to anounce that we have become the owners of The Thinking Center of Sarasota.  Many thanks to Amy and Steve Weinberger who have put their trust in us to carry on this legacy.  Over time, we plan to bridge the gap between academics and mental health, allowing families to receive these supports under one roof.

-Mandel Family-

Community Support & Action

Community Resources for Interventions

Sarasota's #1 Resource for Parents

Local Support Groups in Sarasota for Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Neurofeedback in Sarasota, Florida

All About Sarasota Kids...Just Ask! is a website with "emphasis on local programs, services, and resources. They help answer questions to get answers. The team is managed by local organizations, focused on early child development, and hosted by the Early Learning Coaltion of Sarasota County."
The Brain Wave Center and The Thinking Center have joined together to offer neurofeedback in both locations (downtown and Clark Road). Neurofeedback is a safe, noninvasive and drug-free relief from chronic issues including ADD, ADHD, addiction, anxiety, stress, memory, pain, fatigue, depression, migraines, insomnia, OCD, stroke and more.
CARD, a USF program, also has locations and supports here in Sarasota that are accessible through the Jewish Family and Children Services location on Fruitville Road.

J FCS Youth Programs of the Suncoast

FLVS & Home School

Jewish Family and Children Services has seven different programs to chose from that support our local children and adolescents. They range from camps, crisis interventions, testing, and school based programs.

The Academy at Glengary

If you teen is struggling with getting to school, but still has the motivation to continue to complete middle or high school credits, then FLVS can be useful. We coach, support and help your teen complete credits via skype or in person. It can be another option or way to access education during a difficult time.
The Academy at Glengary provides a pathway to success, friendship and careers for adults starting at 18 years old who strive to improve their mental health. Membership at the Academy provides opportunities for wellness, community integration, and employment.

Mental Health Awareness

Steve Weinberger & The Reading House

Meanwhile, Steve Weinberger, The Thinking Center's Business Manager, put his carpentery skills to work to create a reading space in the S.T.E.A.M. kindergarten classroom at Wilkinson Elementary. Amy and Steve originally did not know that they were both working through the Starfish Collaboration for the same classrooms. Steve coordinated with Larry Barnet through Temple Emanu-El.

Everett Couto - Before & After

When you find out at 18 that you are on the Autism Spectrum, it may offer explanations of why your childhood experiences evolved the way they did. This is Everett Couto, a young man Amy F. Weinberger met when he was six years old. The first part of the story is a painful one, but the outcome has given hope and opportunity to the Couto family. Click here to read the Sarasota Herald's Tribune article about how Everett changed his electronic addictions into a health and running winning addiction. 

Our Olivia Haynes & Her Garden Club

Our Handwriting & Reading Queen, Olivia Haynes, has served as the Sarasota Garden Club President. Their organization awards seniors college scholarship opportunities. She is featured here with 2016 recipients and organization member, Andy Papineau.